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What We Do


Dream. Explore. Create.  

We provide you with digital, print, and 3D content to help build and communicate your brand, your vision.






+ Graphic Design


+ E-mail / Web Design


+ Photography


+ 3D / Visual Display


+ Product Development

Who We Are


The Traveling Design Shop

We are a community of artists and designers, builders and craftspeople, dedicated to helping independent innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs with their brand development design needs.


We are movers, groovers, dreamcatchers, imagination explorers. Our free spirit is that of the collective soul. Our work is our passion, our realities our manifested dreams. We are the creators of our own stories. Visual communication is our art. Love is our vessel. We are   

How We Work




Let us come to you. We love meeting face-to-face with our clients. It gives us a better sense of your design direction and allows us to brainstorm in person how we can help navigate your vision to life. So hit us up. We are the travelling design shop. 


Visit our CONTACT page and fill out the message fields to receive our packaged rates or a custom quote. 


What We Believe


Conscious Evolution


Environmental sustainabilty and social equality is very important to us. We care about our brothers and sisters, and we care about our mother Earth. Our mission is to provide professional and afforadable design services that support living wages for our artists and designers. We use sustainable energy sources, such as solar, and work with local vendors to provide organic and recycled materials for our products whenever possible. Our low carbon footprint contributes not only to the well being of our environment but also to our overall attitude of gratitute and sustainable lifestyle. We strive to create awareness.